Patient Registration - Quick Patient w/ Image Capture


This article will walk you through the patient registration process using Quick Patient with Image Capture. Use the Quick Patient function to quickly add a patient with a unique identifier and attach a face sheet or other image to the patient record. The image can be transcribed from the web application by your billing staff.

Add New Quick Patient

  1. Press the +Patient button on the top right of the Patient List screen.
  2. Select Quick Patient
    If nothing is filled in, the patient will be added to the list with the name "Temporary, Patient". You can also fill in the last name, then tap Quick Patient to add the patient with a valid name.

Quick Image Capture

You can set a Preference to have a popup appear when a new patient is added that will ask if you want to attach an Image. Tap the bars in the upper left corner of the patient list screen to open the menu; select Preferences; activate Ask to add image on new Patient and Save the change.

You will immediately be taken to a menu screen where you can add a charge or use Image Capture to take a picture of the face sheet for your staff to complete the registration.

You can also add a new patient using the standard method


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