Adding a charge with specialty or E&M drill downs


This article covers adding a charges through your Procedure or Consult code library.

Capture Charges using specialty or E&M drill downs

  1. Swipe the patient to the left, then tap the blue +Charge button, or hold your finger on the patient for a few seconds to start the charge entry process
  2. Select +CPT (procedures) or +E&M (visits/consults) from the charge entry menu. In this example, we will enter a procedure.  Tip: if you enter most of your charges from a specific drill down or from Favorites, you can set a preference (Primary Charge Screen) to skip this screen.
  3. Confirm the date of service, location, room, referring physician (if applicable) and select Next

Procedure Categories (these will vary according to the specialty drill down assigned)

  1. From the resulting specialty-specific coding library, press the desired procedure category
  2. Navigate through the code drilldown library to find your CPT code. Your drilldown may contain one or more sub-categories.
    - Recently selected codes will automatically be selected for you
    - Slide the code to the left and tap the +Favorites button to add a CPT code to your favorites list
      - Press E&M (top left) to go to your consult drilldown
    - Use the Circled Star icon (bottom left) to choose a code from your favorites list
    - If you cannot find the desired code, perform a CPT search by selecting the Search (magnifying glass) button (bottom center)
    - Use the AZ-down arrow icon (bottom right) to sort the list by code number (default) or by description in ascending or descending order
  3. Tap Next to confirm your selections
  4. Select the relevant ICD-10 Codes.
    - ICD codes associated with the procedure will be displayed
    - Recently selected codes will automatically be selected for you
    -Swipe the code to the left and tap the +Favorites button to add a code to your ICD favorites list
    -To navigate directly to your ICD favorite list, press the Circled Star icon (bottom left)
    -The Search button (magnifying glass - bottom center) will take you to the ICD search engine to search by ICD number, keyword, or description
    -Use the AZ-down arrow icon (bottom right) to sort your code list by code or by description/ascending or descending
  5. Tap Done to add your new charge

You can edit your new charge from the New Charges screen before it is submitted.


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