Adding Modifiers to Your Charges


This article covers adding modifiers to CPT codes.

You can add a modifier...

  • as you select a CPT code by swiping the code to the left and tapping the green +Modifier button.
  • by editing the charge before you submit (swipe left on charge > Edit codes > Change Modifier)

Modifier Selection

  1. Select the desired category to drilldown to the modifier codes.
  2. Select +CPT (procedures) or +E&M (visits/consults) from the charge entry menu. In this example, we will enter a procedure.
    Tip: if you enter most of your charges from a specific drill down or from Favorites, you can set a preference (Primary Charge Screen) to skip this screen.
  3. Navigate through the code drilldown library to find your CPT code. Your drilldown may contain one or more sub-categories.
    - You can create a Modifier Favorites list - just swipe the modifiers you want as favorites to the left & tap the +Favorites button
    - To open your Modifier Favorites list, from the screen below, tap the star in the circle
    - Use the AZ-down arrow icon (bottom right) to sort the list by code number (default) or by description in ascending or descending order
  4. Tap the desired modifier(s) to select, then tap Done to return to Charge Details screen.


You can edit your modifiers from the New Charges screen before it is submitted.



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