Editing unsubmitted charges


Once a charge has been recorded on your device, you can edit that charge. However, once you submit the charge, you can only edit that charge from the MD Coder web application. This article will cover how to edit a new charge on your device.


If you wish, you can set a preference to take you to the Edit screen after all charge entry. Set preference ‘After Charge Go To’ to take you to the Edit screen.

With MD Coder Pro

From the Quick Charge Management Screen

1. Tap on (i) to see more details. You will be able to see the code description. This is where notes and units for your CPT code can be entered. You can also change the CPT code by tapping the Blue Change CPT bar at the bottom of the screen. 


MicrosoftTeams-image__15_.png                  MicrosoftTeams-image__12_.png

2. Tapping on the charge itself, will expand it to see your ICD codes and Modifiers. You can edit or add more by using the ICD and MOD buttons under the codes. When the charge is expanded swipe right on ICD to delete it. Tap on the ICD to change it. Tap the charge again, to close it.


MicrosoftTeams-image__13_.png             MicrosoftTeams-image__11_.png

3.Swipe the charge to left to see the Reorder button. Tap reorder to open the menu for rearranging your ICDs or Modifiers. You can also delete them from this screen.


Screenshot_20200512-161728_MD_Coder_Pro.jpg                MicrosoftTeams-image__14_.png


Access Charge History

  1. Swipe the patient to the left and tap the green Charges button
  2. The Charge Summary screen will open to the New Charges list

Edit Charges

  1. Tap the charge to pull up the charge edit screen
  2. Use the +CPT, +Modifier, and +ICD buttons at the bottom to edit the charge

Edit Visit Details

  1. Swipe the charge to the left and tap the More button, then choose Charge Details
  2. Make the necessary changes to the date, location, units, and notes
  3. Tap save to confirm your changes

You also have the option to edit Case Á Encounter details in a similar method.

Delete Charge

  1. Swipe the desired charge to delete to the right, then press the red Delete button
  2. Confirm the charge deletion



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