Release Notes Through 06-11-2018

Beginning Monday, June 11, the next time you access MD Coder you’ll find several new features and enhancements that have been added based on feedback from you, our valued clients.

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New features added

  • Patient documents (multiple notes)
  • The ability to send a hand off notifications with optional note
  • A third line to the Patient List view
  • Bundles as a default primary charge screen
  • The option to show the most recent CPT/ICDs on patient list view
  • The ability to require PCP for patients. A pop up will ask for the PCP and not allow any action until the PCP information is complete.
  • Color UDFs tags for patients, cases, visit, and charges
  • Clear All Filters menu option
  • The ability to tag dialysis patients having a charge with ICD N18.5 code with a purple flag
  • An identifier for AKI dialysis patients on patient list view
  • The ability to edit dialysis visits
  • Preference to start new charge entry date/location screen with blank DOS
  • Teams feature to assign and filter patients based on team selection
  • PCP discharge FAX notes
  • Force require image feature
  • An immediate return of your list of contacts so you can quickly view them
  • Support for Face ID authentication login on iPhone X


  • Removed the Apply All button for multi-charge entry and defaulted to apply selected information for User Defined Field (UDF) to all charges
  • Bundles screen now has links to alternative charge entry types—SearchDrill down, and Favorites
  • IMO CPT search now includes HCPCS code search
  • OB/GYN gestational rule updates and workflow changes
  • Faster navigation exit from the charge list and historical summary views
  • Code search enhancements copy between favorites and IMO searches
  • Modifiers now supported under Quick Pick
  • Batch + Clone filters out PQRS codes
  • Enhancements to block charges without ICDs or CPTs
  • Allow color UDF to have the empty selection
  • Route IMO calls thru our servers instead of directly to IMO resolving any firewall issues within hospitals
  • Allow 2-digit year search along with existing 4-digit year search
  • Added sign-off marker
  • Improvements to dialysis/hospital filters in dialysis mode
  • Improvements to provider picker in dialysis mode
  • Support for iPhone X new screen size
  • Enhancement to dialysis discharge and follow up forms to customize controls from server

icons8-monitor-100.png  MD Coder Web Portal

No updates this week for MD Coder Web Portal

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