Filter Charge List


Charge List:
The charges tab provides a list of all Submitted, Draft, and Rejected charges currently in the system.

  1. On main tab menu, select Charges
  2. In the Charges sub-menu, select either Submitted, Draft, Rejected, or All


Filtering Charge List: Tap the Edit button on the charge list to configure the filters applied.


  • Practice - select which practice to show
  • Rendering Provider - select one or multiple providers
  • Location - select one or multiple locations
  • Date of Service - enter in beginning and end dates of service
  • Charge Workflow Date - enter in beginning and end dates for workflow
  • Enter in ICD codes (use commas to enter in multiple codes)
  • Enter in CPT codes (use commas to enter in multiple codes)
  • Exclude CPT codes - use this to exclude the CPT codes in the field above
  • Charges with Warning - only show charges with warnings
  • Hide Printed Charges - only show charges that have not been printed

You can select one or multiple filter criteria from the options above.

  • To apply without saving, click the Apply button
  • To Save the filter for future use, click Save & Apply Filter
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