Navigating Insights


This article will walk you through the basics of using the MD Coder Insights.

Insights Tab

  1. Log in to the Web Portal
  2. From the top level navigation tab, click on the Insights tab


Navigate the different reports using the tabs on the left of the page

Filtering Data

Filter the dashboards by selecting arrow icon on the right hand side of each page to show/hide the filter pane. Alternatively, you can filter data by selecting specific points on bar charts and select other visuals. 

Annotation_2020-01-24_100341.png        Annotation_2020-01-24_100313.png

Set your filters

When you find the field you want to filer, tap the pencil icon on the right to expand your filter options. Select "Ok" to appy.


Data Drill-Through

  • Right-click a specific physician, location, or code within a visualization to see all other visualizations automatically adjust to reflect information about the selected data point
  • Date charts can be drilled to display year, month, or date by right-clicking on any data point


Data Pivot

  • Right-click a specific physician or location within a table to see pivot options to change what is shown in the rows. For example, if you see a table with Physician names on the rows, you can toggle the table to show Locations instead.


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