Adding a Charge with MD Coder Pro


💡 Fast Charge Entry Shortcuts

  • Long hold on a patient to jump right to new charge entry
  • Go to your preferences and set “After Charge Entry Go To” as "Patient List" to skip the new charge summary screen
  • Enable "Skip Date & Location Screen" to automatically capture charges for today's date and default location

Adding a charge with MD Coder Pro

1. Swipe the patient to the left, then tap the blue +Charge button, or hold your finger on the patient for a few seconds to start the charge entry process

2. After entering Date and Location, Under the Charges heading, tap the Green + sign to enter a charge.   


  3. Select E&M, CPT, Favorite, or Bundle beneath the global search bar.  


4. Select the CPTs you wish to enter. Tap Next in the upper right corner.

5. Select an ICD from your Favorites or Recently Used codes. Or use the Global Search bar to find a particular code. The select Done in the upper right corner.     


6. To change the screen you see after entering your charge, open Preferences and set "After Charge Go To" to whichever screen you want to see. 

Screenshot_20200511-110902_MD_Coder_Pro.jpg        Screenshot_20200511-110637_MD_Coder_Pro.jpg

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