Snapshots - Missing Charge Calendar


 Snapshots helps you see your patient list as it was during any given day. You can jump to any the specific day and add charges without scrolling the date wheel all the way back. You'll also have a new calendar view of days with potential missed charges.

Jump to a specific day's Snapshot

  1. Tap the calendar icon on the patient list view page.
  2. View the calendar to see days with potentially missing charges. The red numbers show the number of patients without a registered charge for that day.
  3. Choose a specific day and select "Save" to jump to that day (the "Cancel" button dismisses the calendar).

What can you do while inside a Snapshot

  • View potential missing charges - the patient list reflects the charge status of your patients during the selected day. Any patient with a red indicator did not have a charge registered for the selected day.
  • Add charges - when you add charges inside a Snapshot, the Snapshot day is automatically selected as the date of service. 
  • Dismiss patients - you can hide a patient from a Snapshot if they were not supposed to be seen that day. This "skips" the patient and will no longer be recognized as a potentially missing charge.

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