Enter a New Charge           



Enter a New Charge           

  1. To enter a new charge, click the Patient tab,  you can choose your patient from the Active List tab or use the Search Tab to find your patient.

2. Click the Add Charge link on the far left of the patient


3. The charge screen will open in a separate window, fields marked with the asterisk are required fields to adding a charge. NOTE the Encounter is equivalent to the DOS and should always be NEW. The POS will auto populate as it is tied to the actual location.

4. Add your ICDs/DX codes on the right side of the screen by using the search function or from your favorites list. Note: on follow-up visits the ICDs/DX codes will carry over from the previous visit. Re-sequence ICD codes by clicking the up/down arrows to the right of each code.

5. Enter your CPTs and Modifiers (if needed) on the bottom half of the screen by entering the direct code into the box under CPT, or by using one of the search functions available.



6. If multiple CPTs need to be entered, click on the ADD CPT to add the additional lines.

7. Confirm your location and POS match what is on the top half of the screen.

8. Your WORKFLOW NOTE should be set to SUBMIT, this will push the charge to the Billers que once save is clicked.


9. You can also add a note for the billers on the charge by clicking the [ + ] to the far right of the charge. To delete the charge you can click the [ X ] to the far right of the charge.

10. Click Save and wait for the confirmation, then exit the window.






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