Mobile App - Adding Dialysis Visits


When the Dialysis module is activated for the mobile app, the provider can document the date of the visit & the level (limited, comprehensive, transient).  MD Coder also provides color coding to indicate when a comprehensive visit has been documented for the current month, and access to see detail on previous visits showing date, visit level, and provider.  Hospitalized patients are highlighted in red, and a warning will open if a dialysis visit is attempted for a hospitalized patient.

To enter charges for hospitalized patients, follow the normal process of swiping the patient to the left & choosing the blue +Charge button, or going to the green Charges button to clone a previous charge.

To document a visit, swipe one or more patients to the right.  All patients selected must have the same visit type and the same date of service.

Tap the green +Visits button, then choose the visit level.

Select the date of service, then tap Done.

The system will take a few seconds to apply the visit to all selected patients.  Once this is complete, the number in the small circle to the left of the patient will increase by 1, and if the visit type was Comprehensive, the circle will turn orange.  Yellow indicates a Limited or Transient visit type.

Patients who are currently in the hospital will show as red on the Patient List screen.  Examples shown below are Mary Draper & John Smith.

If an admitted patient is selected to add a dialysis visit, you will see a warning screen & the visit will not be posted unless you tap Yes.

You will also get a message if you try to enter a visit twice for the same date.

To see what visits have been entered previously, swipe the patient to the right and tap the gray Visits button. You will see this screen, listing the date, visit type & provider.

At midnight on the last day of the month, all visit information will clear & reset.  Color flags (the small circle on the far left) will go to red, and show 0 visits.  The gray Visits button will show no information until visits for the current month are added.

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