Mobile App - Patient List in Dialysis Module


The Patient List screen has several changes in color coding, and there are additional tabs at the top of the patient list screen to filter for dialysis or hospitalized patients.

Hospitalized patients are shown in red, and the 2nd line shows **Admitted, with the inpatient location and room number (if available).  The Dialysis location is shown to the right of the room number, along with any other fields that have been selected from the Customize Pt List View option on the menu.

Click on the buttons at the top of the list to quickly filter for only dialysis or hospitalized patients.

As dialysis visits are added, the circle to the left of the patient will turn yellow for Limited or Transient visits, and will turn orange when a Comprehensive visit is added.

The Provider Filter option now shows a tab at the top of the list to quickly allow selection of physician or mid-level providers.

Additional options on the Filter menu allow you to choose the fields you want to use to sort your list, and a filter to show patients with charges or without charges.

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