Calculating Dialysis Charge


At the end of the month, MD Coder will calculate the Dialysis charge based on the visit types documented, dialysis start or end dates, and any admissions that have occurred during the month.
To calculate the charges, log into the Web Portal and go to Patients>Active List - or to the Dialysis Census tab and choose a date for which you want to see the census list.  The Status column will show the same color coding that is available on the mobile app: yellow indicates Limited and Transient visits, and orange indicates there is a Comprehensive Visit documented.  The Dialysis visits column will show how many visits have been documented for the month.  

Click the Action box on the far left of the patients you wish to calculate charges for, then select the month to be calculated & click the Generate Dialysis button on the upper right.

After you click the Generate Dialysis button, you will be taken to Charges>Recently Created so you can review the charges just created, and make any edits needed.  Please note: the charges listed here are REPLACED every time you generate charges, so be sure to review all charges generated at one sitting.

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