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Welcome! Our training is complimentary and we look forward to you joining our program.

Upcoming Trainings

  MD Coder Advanced Training - Recording

Recording of a recent training. This training builds on the material taught in MD Coder Basics. Learn advanced tips and best practices to be an expert at using MD Coder.
Taught in English. Duration: 60 minutes.

We will review:
  • Advanced MD Coder features
  • Resources and support

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  MD Coder Basics - Recording

A recording of a recent live training. Join us as we review the basic key steps and features to help you be a successful MD Coder wizard.
Taught in English. Duration: 50 minutes.

We will review how to:
  • Login
  • Sort and filter the patient list
  • Customize the patient list
  • Add a patient
  • Add a charge
  • Manage favorites list
  • Edit a charge
  • Clone a charge (clone & multi-clone)
  • Submit charges
  • Remove a patient from active list
  • Use MD Message
  • Set preferences
  • Find resources and support
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