Creating New Patients and Managing Patient Images and Other Attachments


This article will walk you through adding a new patient and explain how to attach an image to your patient database from your mobile device. As well as how to view existing attachments. Images will be attached to the patient record and accessible on the website.

Add New Patient

  1. Press the +Patient button on the top right of the Patient List screen.
  2. Tap each field and enter the Patient Last Name, First Name, and Date of Birth (at a minimum, your practice may require additional fields)
  3. Press All to enter additional non-required patient information.
  4. Save Patient Demographics
    NOTE: The system will automatically run a search before adding new patients in case they already exist in MD Coder - this is the best way to prevent duplicate patient entry.
  5. The system will prompt to add an image. (an image should be added for all new patients) tap yes and follow the prompts.



 New patients will show a blue circle to the left of their name on the patient list, and a camera icon to the right of their name. Showing an image has been attached.

Adding an Image to an Existing Patient

  1. To add an image to an existing patient, swipe the patient to the left, tap the More button, then select Capture Image.
  2. Choose the image source:
  3. Take one or more pictures of the page(s) using the camera button. Each picture will become a new attachment.  Choose Retake or Use Photo.
  4. Take one or more pictures of the page(s) using the camera button. Each picture will become a new attachment.  Choose Retake or Use
  5. The system will auto name and tag the image. You can tap in each field to rename if desired.
  6. Tap save.



Create and Manage Audio Notes    

  1. To create and audio note, swipe your patient to the left. Tap the Gray More Button and select Capture Audio.
  2. Once you hit stop recording, the system will ask for a Title or Description. Enter the details and hit OK.
  3. Once you have named the Audio Note, you will have the option to save your note (+) and add another note, delete the note(X) or playback the note to preview it. You can use the speaker button to hear the note via speaker.
  4. Any patient that has a microphone next to their name, has an audio note attached. Tap the patient to open the patient edit screen. Tap Audio then select the audio note you wish to listen to. You can also delete the note from this screen




View All Attachments

  1. To view all attachments, tap on the patient and select the relevant attachment tab (Images, Audio, Documents). You will have the option to capture a new attachment in each tab.



















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