Cloning Charges


Cloning is an easy way to clone charges from a previous patient visit for a new date of service.

You can clone charges two ways:

  • Individual or Multi patient cloning
  • Cloning from historical charges

Individual and Multi patient charge cloning

  1. Swipe one or multiple patients to the right
  2. Select +Clone, if cloning multiple patients tap the first clone button.
  3. Confirm the date of service (default is the current date)
  4. Tap Done




Cloning from historical charges

  1. Access historical charge by swiping the patient to the left and tap the green Charges button.
  2. The Charge Summary screen will open to the New Charges list. Tap Historical tab to see charges already submitted to the back-office.
  3.  To Clone a historical charge, swipe it to the left and tap the Clone button.
  4. Confirm the date of service and tap save top right corner.








  • Historical charges cannot be edited, until after if has been cloned successfully
  • The download limit for past charges is set to 10 by default. This setting can be changed in your Account preferences from the web application.







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