What is a Setup Fee? MD Coder License Setup Fees Explained.


What is a Setup Fee?

Even if you just need a user added to MD Coder, you will usually be charged a Setup Fee for each license purchased. That’s because all our customizable profiles require different setup processes due to varying workflows, code favorites, and fields. 

The Setup Fee goes towards the following: 

  • Full new user configuration by a MDTech specialist
  • 1:1 training session with a MDTech specialist

How much is the Setup Fee?

The standard MD Coder Setup Fee is $250 for a Provider and $25 for a Non-Provider user. For further details, please contact a MD Coder billing expert at 1-888-253-8813 ext. 3

How can I avoid paying a Setup Fee?

You can avoid paying a Setup Fee by doing the following before submitting a mapping request:

  1. Adding & configuring the user in MD Coder yourself
  2. Training the user internally or utilizing MD Coder Academy
    • For information about a "Train the Trainer" program, please contact a MD Coder support expert at 1-888-253-8813 ext. 2

Note: We will never charge a Setup Fee for performing user EHR/PM system mapping


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