[06-23-2021] Web Portal Security Updates



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As you know, MDTech works extremely hard to bring you the latest and greatest in charge capture, not the least of which is the security of your patient data. And with all the tech-related headlines in the news lately, we are all aware of the importance of security and appropriate safeguards.

As a further enhancement to our system’s security measures, we’ve introduced a few updates to the MD Coder Web Portal. While most of these updates are ‘under-the-hood,’ you might notice some changes with user logins and idle pages.

We are constantly working to improve and serve you better. If you have any questions regarding the new security measures or need help with user access, kindly contact our Support Team here:


Why are these changes being made?

MDTech regularly performs security evaluations to ensure that the appropriate safeguards are in place for our clients.

What is being changed?

You might notice some changes with user logins and idle pages. The majority of these security updates involve updating our servers and services to the latest versions available.

How do I add more Web Portal users?

You can add more users by following these steps as an administrator OR submitting a license request form with our Support team.
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