Adding New Users, Groups, and Location Sync


The practice admin for MD Coder has access to several functions.  To access these functions, click on Administration in the upper right corner of the window, or on System>Administration on the toolbars.


Under the Administration tab, you have access to the following functions:

Adding New Users (No Interface Only)

User Setup – add a new user by clicking the Add User button, or by Cloning an existing user.  You also have the option to “log in as” a user to do troubleshooting or testing, if needed. 

To create a new user, click the Add User button & complete all required fields.

Additional settings for each user:

Assign Roles


Roles define what the user can or cannot do:

  • You can identify a provider as a Midlevel by clicking the Midlevel Provider checkbox.  The Encounter/Charge Mutually Exclusive Provider checkbox is used only in special circumstances.  Do not check this unless specifically instructed to do so.

  • Admin – gives the user access to the System tab. Add/remove users & locations, manage custom fields, bundles, MIPS, what fields are visible, hidden, or required, mobile configuration, and many other management tools.

  • apiAccess – the mobile app is not normally used by non-providers.  If a non-provider needs access to the mobile app, this role will allow that access.

  • Archiver – this role allows the user access to archived charges & patients.

  • BIReports – this role allows the user access to the BI (Business Intelligence) tool.

  • Collector – this role gives the user control of charges in submit status, and the ability to add & assign patients, move charges from submit to approved, rejected, or archived status, and run reports,

  • Consults – this role is used by specified practices that have custom programming for consults.

  • Dialysis – role is used in conjunction with the dialysis module to provide access to dialysis screens & reports.

  • FollowUps – this role is assigned to office staff who will be working on follow up requests

  • HL7 Admin – role provides access to admin tools to help identify mapping issues when an interface is present.

  • HL7 Export – role provides access to the Charges – Exported tab.

  • Physician – role allows user to enter patients & charges; both will be auto-assigned to the user entering. Also allows access to the mobile app.  Physician user can move charges from draft or rejected status to submit.  Physician CANNOT edit charges in submit status, nor can they move charges from submit to a different status. Has access to all reports.

  • rejectApprovedAdmin – role allows user to move charges from Approved or Rejected status back to Submit status.

  • roundingReportOnly – extremely limited role; the user with this role can ONLY run the rounding report from the Patients-Active List screen.  Will override any other role assigned.

  • submitDraftAdmin – role allows someone without the physician role to submit charges from draft status.

  • Transcriber – role allows user to access images attached to patient records.

  • Verifications - this role is used by specified practices that have custom programming for verifications.


Adding Groups (No Interface Only)

Also under User Setup is access to Groups.  The group setting is where privileges can be set that define whether or not all physicians receive the same patient list (Group Sync), what items can be shared between users in that group (Share Charges, Share Visits), and whether an owning physician can be changed or if the X-cover function is being used within the group.  Multiple groups can be created if you have physicians who are separated into separate functional groups who do not need access to the patients & charges from the other functional groups.  If you have multiple groups, the physicians in one group would be able to see the patient information, but not charges & visits created by the other group(s).  Billers can be members of multiple groups to allow them access to all charges.

To create a new group, click the Groups link under User Setup, then click the Add Group button.


Enter a group name, assign privileges, then save the group:


Assign Privileges

  • Share Visits – members of this group can see visits to the patients that have been added by other providers.

  • Share Charges – members of this group can see charges to the patients that have been added by other providers, and can clone those charges.

  • Group Sync – when this is activated, all providers in the group will receive the same patient list to their phones.  If this is not active, each provider will have a separate patient list.

  • Allow Change Owning Physician – if this is not active, the owning or default physician assigned to a patient cannot be changed.

  • PCP Physicians – this makes the PCP physician field visible to all users.


Location Controls

You can assign locations to the location filter list and you can limit what locations sync to the user – these are 2 separate controls. To assign locations to the filter list, open the user profile by clicking on the username, then click the Locations link at the top of the profile:


Select the locations that should show in the selected provider’s filter list, then click Save.

To limit the locations that sync to the provider’s phone, again open the user profile by clicking on the username.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen that opens to find the 2nd location control.  Click the checkbox for Sync My Locations only, then select the locations to be sent to the provider’s phone, and click Save.


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